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This review is long overdue. Who better to build-out the Yelp HQ offices than Cairn? Shay, Noel, Trevor, and Mack were tasked with taking office space that had not been touched in 30 years and making it spectacular. No small feat; upon initial inspection even I was skeptical.

Cairn specializes in all forms of residential construction. As a favor, they took on our project of revitalizing 30,000 square feet of commercial space in San Francisco. Little did they know, they would deal with some pretty finicky clients. We came in under budget and right on schedule, no small task with our very condensed and aggressive timeline.

Cairn was a pleasure to work with; they were flexible and always with a can-do attitude. Most of us have heard or experienced horror stories relating to construction projects. This was the complete opposite experience. I could not more strongly recommend Cairn.

YELP Review, March 2009

In San Francisco, where customers must compete to get good contractors, Cairn stands out as extremely professional and superbly competent from job bidding through to completion and permit sign-offs. Cairn understands the customer and communicates all details in a clear and honest fashion…. Their subcontractors are also first rate and were extremely flexible with us, helping to ease the transition back into our house, even after the job was complete….

Noe Valley Homeowners

Adamson Molina Design, Inc. has been working in collaboration with Cairn Construction for the past five years on a variety of scale projects. Adamson Molina recommends Cairn Construction because of their ability to estimate a project at the schematic level and follow through the construction in alignment with their original estimate. Shay Lyons is extremely professional and his associates are equally competent. In all, the Cairn team makes the task of construction enjoyable.


As a Kitchen and Bath Designer I have occasion to work with a lot of different contractors. But I enjoy working with Cairn Construction whenever possible. They do excellent work with a high degree of professionalism, while keeping the project fun and stress free. I always recommend Cairn Construction to all of my clients.

Susan Templer—Templer Interiors

When you start a major remodel in the close quarters of San Francisco, your neighbors can’t help but be nervous about what it means for them: noise, dust, trash, and parking problems. Some contractors couldn’t care less but not Cairn. They managed to build a garage, a foundation, a deck, and a fire escape, gut and rebuild 7,000 square feet, and keep a tidy job site all the while. We’ve even had unsolicited compliments from our neighbors on how polite, friendly, and helpful the Cairn crew has been! It is great to know we’ll be moving back in with our new neighbors and friends.

Pacific Heights Homeowners

Great work and great people. It is always a pleasure to work with Cairn Construction.

Craig Steely—Architect

Working with Cairn Construction has been a delightful experience from start to finish. Cairn brings to the project the unique combination of European workmanship with energy of America. We had virtually no cost over runs on the renovation job on a house built in the late 1800s. In fact, we were so impressed with the Cairn team we had them pick the architect. How many clients can say that about their contractor?

Mill Valley Homeowner

In my six years of working in San Francisco, Cairn Construction proves to be one of the best construction businesses around. They are friendly, intelligent, and are very skilled in their trade. Always diligent and professional about their jobs, they provide the kind of quality construction services not often found in the Bay Area. Fine craftsmanship and punctual service in a friendly manner is why Cairn Construction is always one of my first recommendations for a general contractor.

A+O, Architecture & Objects

Cairn was genuinely concerned about our wishes during every aspect of the construction. We never felt that they pushed back on any of our requests or changes. They are truly customer focused and very pleasant to deal with. It is very difficult finding a construction company to work with; we have used Cairn on two projects, one small and one large. We highly recommend Cairn. As we think about new projects, we can honestly say we will never let anyone else work on our home.

Forest Hill Homeowner